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R1Reality-One™ Training

Developed by T.D.P.E. in collaboration with Canadian Innovative Protective Solutions Inc. Designed to teach the officer how to manage imminent and grievous threat-to-life situations while in close quarters. The course provides basic skill building that pares down to the most simplistic techniques. R1™ exposes the officer to extremely dynamic and realistic situations. We work hard to replicate every possible worst case scenario the officer may encounter in real life. It is intensive, realistic, and empowering training opportunity.

What is R1 Reality-One™ Training ?

Reality-One® is an established concept developed by T.D.P.E.® of Spain. This company has been delivering reality-based use of force training since the early ’90s. They have established a huge following in police and military training worldwide. They are sought out for their no-nonsense realistic and simplistic approach to tactics training. All Reality-One™ instructors are hand-picked for their experience and instructional ability. All are active duty police, retired police, or military operators. Instruction is delivered in a respectful, responsible manner, while ensuring the students’ understanding and assimilation of all techniques and skills. CIPS Inc. established a strong working relationship with T.D.P.E.® in 2003. Since that time we have worked together to combine our training and philosophies. The result is Reality-One™ Training.

Reality-One™ Training is unique in that it is significantly more realistic than most other training programs.
  • Reality-One™ Training techniques and tactics are tested and based on a scientific approach. The program was developed in response to these questions:
  • Does Reality-One work?
  • Is Reality-One easily learned?
  • Is Reality-One truly as simple as it can be?
  • Will Reality-One work in the real world under the extreme stress of real attacks?
  • One of the first things we prioritized was exhaustive evaluation and testing to ensure a technique works. The R1™ system is defendable and falls within the law and lawful authorities.
  • It's been our experience that other training programs do not critically determine if their techniques actually work in real life. They don’t go the extra mile to research the systems they are using. (This is a Classic Reality 2 attitude)
  • The vast majority of other police training environments are only designed to test the officer’s performance in “in very controlled and moderately intensive scenarios and training environments”. Reality-One™ Training will challenge the student with the most realistic attacks and scenario-based situations possible. Attacks are 100% real!
  • Students completing Reality-One™ Training will Gain an extremely high level of competence and confidence in dealing with violent, spontaneous attacks, and arrest and control situations.
  • The system is designed to enhance and augment other programs.
  • Students and instructors completing a Reality-One™ course will come away with the ability to plug the concepts and ideas into their existing training programs. It will allow them to critically assess and enhance their own programs.
  • They will acquire new knowledge to significantly enhance their abilities to add R1™ to their own programs.
  • Is it safe? Yes! A Reality-One™ Training course is physically and mentally demanding. A high state of mental and physical readiness is a requirement. We work hard to mitigate risks and dangers throughout. Protective equipment is a must in all scenarios and exercises. Stress-vests ®, shock-knifes® and other reality-based use of force training tools are used extensively in this training. The Setcan Corporation is an official sponsor to Reality-One™.
This is an intense and physical course. Emphasis is put on creating highly realistic and stressful exercises and scenarios.
**Strong physical fitness and operational readiness is a must for all attendees.**

This is a 3 day course delivered at a host agency location. It can be a closed course or open to other partner agencies. A hosting arrangement allows for significant savings to the host agency. CIPS Inc. is seeking Canadian host agencies for 2020 courses to receive a course hosting information package please contact us.
TDPE of Spain and CIPS Inc. have been working together since 2002 / Collaborating on over a dozen Reality Based Use of Force Training Courses and Projects for Police & Military
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What the professionals are saying about Reality-One Training

“TDPE brings in a perspective that prepares instructors to bring in the harsh realities of the violence that all officers must deal with. Their multi-faceted approach has given me more knowledge and skills than what I’ve expected. How I deliver training and work in the field has change for the better.”
JM, 19 year L.E. trainer and officer

“I was fortunate to take the TDPE training in 2014 through my police agency. As a Tactics Instructor I have taken several types of training but the TDPE program by far exceeded any training I have taken. Utilizing a natural startle reflex to build upon skills was impressive as all movements using gross motor skills allow the student to learn quickly. In the training environment the skills are tested with full speed and power which showed that the skills learned were effective regardless of the officer’s size or experience.

I recommend this training to all law enforcement as you will not be disappointed.”
P.D. Full time (female) Police Tactics Instructor, Major Canadian Police Agency
14 years service
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