CIPS Canadian Innovative Protective Services
Public Safety

Public Safety Unit Training (Police)

“For Police by Police”
With the current challenging political and social climate, it has become a necessity for law enforcement agencies to develop in depth programming in Crowd Management and Tactics. CIPS Inc. offers Police and Corrections candidates detailed, professional, and defensible training in a variety of Public Safety Unit disciplines.
At CIPS Inc. we bring a combined 50 years of experience in crowd operations. We have significant experience in al facets of crowd management and crowd types. We custom tailor our program delivery to the unique needs of our client agencies
Topics covered include:
  • Crowd Management Team skills
  • Special Munitions
  • Advisory skills
  • Command and leadership
  • Crowd Psychology
  • Crowd Dynamics
  • Small Team Tactics
  • Lawful Authorities
  • Basic Crowd Control
Course length is dependent on the amount of skill sets required & size of agency.
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