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Investigative Interview Course

“Information Is Power”
The acquisition of accurate, timely, and detailed information is critical to all investigations – regardless of the context. CIPS’ Investigative Interviewing training will provide students with the core skills required to successfully conduct interviews. Students will receive instruction in scientifically and ethically sound techniques to elicit accurate and reliable information from both cooperative and resistant subjects. Training methods will include lecture, practical application, video, case studies as well as individual and group work. One and two-day training programs are available. Extended training programs are also available on request.Those who conduct investigations of any nature in government, corporations, institutions, and security services will benefit from this training. 

These programs are designed for investigators with enforcement, corporate, private, and government agencies.

Examples of people who could benefit from these programs are:

Police Officers, Community Peace Officers, Fish and Wildlife, Conservations, Parks, Animal Abuse Investigators, OHS, Social Workers, WCB, Probation, Parole, Immigration, Customs, Bank Investigators, ME Investigators, Health Care Investigators, EMS, Fire investigators, Fraud investigators, Insurance Investigators Private Investigators, etc.
Any individual or agency that is required to deal with investigations seeking the truth.
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