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FRST™ First Response Safety Tactics

The F.R.S.T. program was designed to meet the protective needs of Emergency Service Professionals. It is the only program of its kind developed specifically for front-line EMTs and Paramedics. This course develops the student’s skills in dealing with high stress situations and risks that a Paramedic or EMT is potentially faced with on every call. It will extend the learner’s knowledge regarding safety issues, physiological responses to stress and the tactics they should employ to protect themselves, their partners and patients.

This program is currently used by the Alberta Health Services, City of Edmonton Emergency Medical Services (EMS) recruit classes, EMT and Paramedic classes at the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology (SAIT), Northern Alberta Institute of Technology (NAIT) and numerous rural ambulance authorities. Since the creation of the program, CIPS Inc. has trained over 1000 Alberta medics. The skills and knowledge provided by F.R.S.T. are being employed on the front line to ‘save lives’. Our students learn to anticipate and avoid dangerous situations and how to disengage from a variety of threatening scenarios.


Course includes lecture, classroom, practical and scenario-based training. Formats vary from a 4-hour lecture to the full 32-hour comprehensive program. Rates are available for large groups and entire agencies. We can custom fit your training to your needs and budget. Contact us today for pricing and program details. Course attendees must be EMTs, EMRs, Paramedics, E.R. nurses, Nurse Practitioners, Firefighters, students or administrators in the field of EMS. Physical skills programs are intense. Students must possess a basic fitness level and be prepared to deal with the discomfort of realistic confrontation simulations. Our goal is to create the “I’ve been here before sensation” in training before it is encountered in real life.

F.R.S.T. Facts

  • F.R.S.T. has been evolving since 2003. It was designed to fill a need in the EMS community. That need is a no-nonsense, comprehensive protective program for frontline EMS personnel. It is the only program of its kind available.
  • F.R.S.T. was developed by 2 career police officers with a combined 45 years of operational,
tactical, and training experience. The F.R.S.T. creators believed it was crucial to consult
with T.E.M.S. Paramedics possessing extensive operational experience and background.
  • F.R.S.T. instructors use a combination of experience and classroom interaction to emphasize
and teach the primary objectives of the program. We combine the adult learning experience
with intense, no-nonsense physical training similar to military and police training protocols. This quickly builds protective skills and confidence.
  • At CIPS Inc. we are passionate and committed to the safety and protection of the EMS community. We believe that medics do one of the most difficult and thankless jobs in the world.
They routinely go where no other person would tread to help and save their fellow man. They
deserve the best possible protective skills training program available. F.R.S.T. is that program.
  • The intentions of F.R.S.T. are not to turn medics into ‘ Ultimate fighters’ or ‘police officers’. Our focus is to recognize the mandate and mission of preserving life. F.R.S.T.’s primary objective is to equip students to recognize threats prior to a dangerous situation erupting. We focus on
disengagement and prevention with a realistic balance of defending and prevailing in situations of spontaneous violence.
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