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Crowd Awareness CIPS

Crowd Awareness Course

Course is designed for Peace Officers and Professional Security
“Ideal for Community Peace Officers & Professional Security”
The current political and social climate throughout Canada has made it so that planned and spontaneous protests have become commonplace. Law Enforcement have a responsibility to professionally engage all participants and plan responses that reduce risk to all involved. Conversely organizations must also have the skills to respond should events lead to disorder.

In this course CIPS Inc. offers candidates in depth content related to Crowd Management skills. The skills are broken down into detailed sub components and culminate in group scenarios.

This program has be successfully delivered to a variety of peace officer groups in Alberta. Included but not limited to City of Edmonton Transit Peace Officers, Lac La Biche County and others.

The sub components include:
  • Lawful placement
  • Use of Force review
  • Crowd Dynamics
  • Crowd Psychology
  • Social Control practices
  • Basic Crowd Control Principles
  • Small Team Tactics
  • Command and Leadership
One day or two day certification course. Dependent on agency requirement.
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