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CIPS is an approachable, comprehensive, training and consulting company based out of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. We are a training company but we also specialize in consulting and assisting companies in recognizing risks and needs to enhance protection and safety.

Protection of employees, the public they serve the organization and infrastructure. As well as anticipation civil risk to all involved.

We are networked with a vast assortment of professionals and have a significant amount of experience. We have provided services across Canada and well as numerous International locations

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  • We have had the pleasure of working with Mark and C.I.P.S. on numerous projects, in several different capacities. Mark is extremely professional, a true subject matter expert and will exceed all your expectations.
    Jeff Quail, Director of Research and Development – Setcan Corp.
  • "They are the best around!"
    Parkland County Protective Services
  • "Professional instructors that can adapt their instructional techniques to our needs.… "fast & friendly service, great instructors!" 10 out of 10!
    WCB Security
  • The first responder should be equipped with not only information about the law and how it protects the rights of the first responder, but the physical and psychological tools to develop a window of opportunity to disengage from an unsafe situation. The First Response Safety Tactics provided these tools
    Tony Spaans
  • FRST teaches EMS recruits situational awareness and hazard reduction techniques for every call. This is not a new martial art, but practical techniques for mental and physical preparation to remove them from danger. FRST allows EMS recruits to learn from professionals with extensive front line experience before they hit the streets.
    Blaine Brody
  • The FRST course is the first course specifically designed for front line Emergency Responders. This course is the first of its kind in Canada. In an ever changing society this course should be mandatory for all EMS and front line Emergency responders. It offers basic self-defense and the skills needed to ensure that we all go home safe to our families every night. It also shows us how to preserve the safety of our patients. The skills that I have learned in the FRST course I use everyday on the job.
    Misty Shearer
  • EMS professionals face unknown dangers during every call for help they answer. The FRST program gives our personnel real-world strategies to reduce hazards and tools to protect themselves and their partners when threatened. FRST training is relevant for all operational areas of EMS, whether urban or rural, where the danger is predictable and more importantly, for when it is not. Our EMS personnel have directly benefited from FRST training and it’s goal – prevention of and removal from harm.
    Joe Acker

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